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Hamstead Hall Academy Trust

Strategic Priorities

1. Student progress and achievement

Ensure that the attainment and progress of all groups of learners in our academies are above the national average.

2. Quality of teaching

Ensure that best practice is shared across our academy trust and that every teacher aspires to be outstanding.

3. Quality of education

Encourage collaboration between our academies so that learners benefit from rich learning experiences (inside and outside of the classroom) that impact positively on enjoyment and engagement. Through the Hamstead Hall Learning Partnership, develop collaboration with partner schools in Birmingham and beyond to ensure excellent transition and support for literacy and numeracy.

4. Wellbeing, safety and behaviour for learning

Ensure that the core values in our academies are promoted and upheld.

5. Value for money

Ensure that each of our academies is well supported and adequately resourced to ensure the best outcomes for all groups of learners.

6. Leadership and Management

  • Ensure there is full compliance across the Trust and
  • Governance in all our academies is well informed and supports accurate self-evaluation for improvement.
  • Recruit, retain and develop high quality staff
  • Embed appraisal so that every member of staff feels valued and well supported to excel at their job.
  • Ensure robust safeguarding procedures are in place.
  • Foster a positive environment to improve wellbeing.

7. Estates and learning environment

Improve Hamstead Hall Trust facilities. Ensure that our academies meet the highest health and safety standards.

Strategic Priorities

These Key Performance Indicators, which relate to our trust priorities, will be reviewed annually and reported through the Trust’s annual report.

KPI 1: Student achievement and standards

i. All MAT Academies to be at least good.

ii. Students make good progress with achievement at least in line with national averages

iii. Attendance is at least in line with national averages.

iv. All Academies are compliant, with health and safety, safeguarding and other appropriate statutory requirements.

v. Quality of teaching is high as evidenced through QA processes.

KPI 2: Staffing

i. All academies are fully staffed with highly skilled staff

ii. All staff have access to high quality professional learning

iii. Leadership pathways provide opportunities to improve leadership and develop leadership capacity.

KPI 3: Governance

i. Governance structure in place which is compliant and in line with DFE guidance for MATs.

ii. Governors are recruited with appropriate skills and experience to ensure that Local Governing Bodies have a full complement.

iii. Governors and Directors hold leaders to account and provide appropriate challenge.

KPI 4: Finance

i. Value for money is secured across the Trust

ii. Trust finances are strong and return a surplus

iii. Staffing costs across the Trust are at 80% of total Trust income

iv. Audit reports indicate financial systems are compliant and fit for purpose

v. Risk management register in place which informs future planning.

Growth Strategy

Our primary focus is to meet Key Performance Indicators for the academies in our Trust and ensure that these academies are in a strong and sustainable position.

However, should other academies wish to join our MAT and take advantage of the benefits we can offer, we will consider each request individually. In addition to this, with a wide range of experience of school to school support for many years, the Trust would be willing to consider requests from the DFE or RSC to sponsor new academies to join our Trust.

Further information

If you wish to find out more about the work of the Hamstead Hall Academy Trust and explore ways in which your school or business might work with us, we would be pleased to meet with you.

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